Thursday, July 11, 2013

My 55th Birthday--The Most Important Day of 2013

Today, I am overwhelmed with excitement in anticipation of my birthday on August 25, 2013. This is the most important day of my year because this is the anniversary of the day I was born.  By the time my birthday comes I will  be 55 years, or 660 months, or 20,088 days, or 482,112 hours, or 28,926,720 minutes, or 1,735,603,200 seconds.

I love my birthday because it is the only real holiday in August. Summer is my all time favorite season and it is always hot in August. Some of my most memorable experiences happened in August.  My daughter Na'Tifah was also born in August. I count her as my gift from GOD for my 32nd birthday!

There are some people--some famous, some not so famous and some infamous who share my birthday. My great aunt, Clara Nash, my grandmother's older sister, was also born on August 25th, as well as a first cousin to my grandmother cousin, Theodora Wordlaw.  Growing up, it made me feel good to know we all three shared the same birthday.  I felt special.
I am quietly trying to figure out how I would like to celebrate my birthday. I would love to have a big party and have Peabo Bryson and Jeffrey Osborne, two of my favorite male vocalists, sing a 'Happy Birthday' duet to me. That would be the ultimate... Oh well, a girl can dream can't she?

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