Friday, September 5, 2008

Created In 1958...

1958 was such an awesome year for creativity. Not only was I fearfully and wonderfully made in 1958, but several other entities, companies, cartoons and cool stuff was created or invented in 1958.
For example...
Legos Building Blocks
The Legos Company has produced 2 million legos every hour of every day since 1958. That is enough for every person in this world to own 62 legos each!
Papa Smurf and Smurfette
Pierre Culliford better known as "Peyo" first introduced the tiny blue creatures in October 1958. He called them "Schtroumpfs"; When the U.S. became interested in them they became known as "Smurfs" worldwide. They debuted in the United States on NBC television in 1981 and instantly became a household word. UNICEF and the Smurfs joined forces in 2007 to promote children's rights to education worldwide. Also to raise awareness of 'child soldiers' in Africa.
AARP Turns 50!
The Jolly Green Giant turns 50!

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Biggest Hit Singles of 1958!

My parents were seniors at Crane High School in Chicago, Illinois in 1958. These are some of the songs they listened and danced to at parties and 'sock hops'.
Can you believe I actually know the words to a lot of these songs? It just goes to prove that music really is universal and that it is ageless and timeless.

Top 5 Songs of 1958:

# 1 Song of 1958 "Volare" by Dominico Modugno / Italy

2."Tom Dooley" -- The Kingston Trio

3."Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" - The Platters

4."Bird Dog" -- The Everly Brothers

5."It's All in the Game" -- Tommy Edwards

Other really popular 45 vinyl records of 1958:

  1. "Tequila" The Champs
  2. Johnnie B. Goode Chuck Berry
  3. "At the Hop" Danny & the Juniors
  4. "Get a Job" Silouhettes
  5. "Twilight Time" The Platters
  6. "Rockin Robin" Bobby Day
  7. "Tears on My Pillow" Little Anthony
  8. "Yackety Yak" The Coasters
  9. " Great Balls of Fire" Jerry Lee Lewis
  10. "Who's Sorry Now?" Connie Francis
  11. "Splish Splash" Bobby Darin
  12. "Fever" Peggy Lee
  13. "Breathless" Jessy Lee Lewis
  14. "All the Way" Frank Sinatra
  15. "One Night" Elvis Presley
  16. "All I Have to Do is Dream" The Everly Brothers
  17. "It's Only Make Believe" Conway Twitty
  18. "Purple People Eater" Sheb Wooley
  19. "Short Shorts" Royal Teens

If you know more--Hit me a comment and I will research and add them!

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1958 Academy Awards

Best Picture: The Bridge Over the River Kwai

Best Actor: Sir Alec Guinness

Best Actress: JoAnne Woodward

Other Really Good Movies of 1958!

  1. "The Old Man and the Sea" Spencer Tracy
  2. "The Long Hot Summer" Paul Newman / JoAnne Woodward
  3. "Cat On a Hot Tin Roof" Elizabeth Taylor/ Paul Newman
  4. "The Defiant Ones" Tony Curtis/ Sidney Poitier
  5. "The Fly" Vincent Price
  6. "Vertigo" Alfred Hitchcock

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Still Nifty @ 50! Born in 1958...

1958 was a very good year. Why so? Because I was born--that's why!

Not only was I born that year, but after a bit of research I found that many people that I know and love dearly were born that year, as well as some celebrities I've always admired.

Grand Master Flash --Hip Hop Dee Jay/ New York 1/1
Albert II Prince of Monaco 3/14
Dr. Sylvester Williams, Sr., Pastor of Carter Temple CME Church in Chicago, Illinois/ Alabama 10/11
Bart Connor -- United States Olympic Gymnast
Alec Baldwin -- Screen Actor, United States 4/3
Rev. Lavisha S.Williams, Senior Pastor of New Hope CME Church in Evanston, IL/ Chicago 11/20
Kenneth "Baby Face" Edmonds --Musician and Entertainment Mogul / Indianapolis, Indiana
Michelle Pfeiffer -- U.S. Screen Actress
Christian Brando -- U.S. Screen Actor / Son of actor Marlon Brando
Orel Hershiser -- Major League Baseball Player
Charlene Tilton -- U.S. Screen Actress 12/1
George Sanders --U.S. Screen actor
Prince Roger Nelson -- Grammy Award winning Singer and Music Mogul / Minneapolis, MN 6/7
Rev Judy Esco -- Educator & Senior Pastor of Murchison-Isom CME Church, Chicago, IL
Keenan Ivory Wayans -- Comedian, Actor and Entertainment Mogul / New York 6/8
Kevin Bacon -- U.S. Screen Actor
Madonna -- Singer, Actress, Children's Book Author / Milwaukee, WI
Angela Bassett -- U.S. Actress / California
Michael Joe Jackson -- U.S. Grammy Award winning Singer, Actor and Entertainment Mogul
Drew Carey --U.S. Actor/ Comedian 5/23
Steve Guttenberg --U.S. Actor
Linda Johnson Rice -- U.S. Publisher/ Fashion Fair Make Up Mogul/ Chicago
Tim Robbins -- U.S. Actor
Jeff Foxworthy -- U.S. Actor
Jamie Lee Curtis -- U.S. Actress; daughter of actor Tony Curtis / California 11/22
Caroline Kennedy -- daughter of President John F. Kennedy & Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis
Sharon Stone -- U.S. Actress 3/10
Michael Flatly -- U.S. Dancer "Lord of the Rings"
Holly Hunter -- U.S. Actress 3/20
Charlene Tilton -- U.S. Actress 12/1
Donnie Osmond -- U.S. Entertainer / Utah
Theodis Rodgers, Jr -- U.S. Jazz Musician / Chicago
Kate Bush
Lawrence "Larry" Whitman -- Concert Promoter & Producer / Chicago
Annette Bening -- U.S. Actress
Mary Chapin Carpenter -- U.S. Singer/Musician 2/21

Let me know if you know of someone who should be on this list.

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